Brick and mortar stores are shifting to more experience-oriented concept stores

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Looking back on how far digital technology has come, it something remarkable. It’s no doubt that e-commerce has come a long way in the last two and half decades of its existence.

Today, the primary key features driving the e-commerce technology market are price and convenience. Now, as a customer, you’d look for a product that offers you value or a good deal and quick delivery.

But the online retail narrative is now changing as consumers are looking for something unique that goes beyond the products. …

Passion is a trait that is not taught from any business school but comes from within

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Many, including myself, always ask this question. But more often than not, the answer varies from one individual to another. Some would say yes, while others would disagree.

Do you know content writing is business opportunity worth exploring?

Yes, it is.

Before I began writing, I had no idea where to begin. Though in the beginning, I felt that I wasn’t ready, I just started.

The process didn’t come easy as I consulted from one blogger (still consulting) to another to get the momentum.

Each person knows their abilities and limits. Your instinct will always speak louder than your thinking…

Forming business-associates is one beneficial ways of increasing your B2B Sales

B2B sales
B2B sales
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Have you ever thought about how to win new customers? Or which strategy to use to achieve the same?

Probably yes or no, right?

Winning customer loyalty is not that simple. For you to do so, it means developing a B2B sales plan that intensifies your conversion rates.

How do you achieve that?

Here are some of the little-known ways by which you can grow your B2B sales plan.

1. Find out about your competition using the social media platform

We all agree that people use social media in all manner of ways, from interaction to a business transaction.

As a business person, it’s essential to understand your niche. Get your facts right about the demographics…

Your esteemed customers always give you something to ponder

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Do you want to increase your sales?

Well, you have the answer right at your disposal.



By building a relationship with your customers, you create a connection. That connection is so valuable.

Do you believe that the customer is always right?

Well over 90% of you would say, YES. But is it true?

Does it mean whatever a customer says will always be right?

To be honest with you, some customers are bad for business.

Yes, they are.

Those that demand just anything-making your work even harder than it should be.

I’m afraid If you’re not careful, you might end up your customers’ slave.

Take control of your money through the right budgeting method

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Do you know that the right budgeting can change how your business functions?

Yes, only when it’s done right.

But do you also know that budgeting can be a mind-numbing process?

If you thought that it is simple, I’m afraid you’re damn wrong.

Honestly, budgeting sucks the energy, time, fun, and big dreams out of business. Many firms sink countless hours into writing budgets to get it right.

At some point in my professional career, I got submerged in the mix of formulating a company’s budget that’d be realistic. …

How small businesses can effortlessly avoid some of these common mistakes

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Do you want your small business to flourish? Do you know you can avoid some of the common mistakes people make?

Why would you allow yourself to fail after coming this far?

Is it that you haven’t cultivated enough managerial skills, or you possess less financial muscles?

Running a business can be frustrating and exhausting. Sometimes you may have ideas but cannot wade through the sea of hurdles. Many have tried and succeeded, while others have failed.

When I first ventured into business five years ago, I employed the knowledge gained from my accounting profession. …

FinTech and the financial inclusion amidst the post-Covid-19

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In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was the obligation by financial institutions to expedite their digitization strategies to meet new demands. The need for infrastructural transformation is of great significance as demand for innovative solutions is on the rise.

Following the chaotic global financial crisis (GFC) of 2007/2008, fintech emerged and attracted significant investment, and revolutionized financial services.

The Expansion of Digital Finance

As the world is grappling with the pandemic, one specific focus for fintech is financial inclusion. Based on reports from the World Bank, the current number of unbanked individuals worldwide is at 1.7 billion. …

Covid-19 and the emergence of the cashless society

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Ever since technology graced our financial world, we’ve seen a tremendous transformation in the financial sector. E-commerce has grown to an online business that makes the difference as online shopping is booming, thanks to Covid-19.

According to reports, Amazon’s value has soared by US$570 billion this year alone. The virus has profoundly affected the global economies, predicting that global payments could plunge to between 8–10 percent of total revenue.

Consumer spending behavior has significantly changed over a couple of years, but it’s believed that the pandemic will further quicken the shift to a cashless society.

Now, the question would be…

Advertising techniques that entrepreneurs can adopt

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Building a strong brand is not an easy task. Branding remains one of the critical steps in building your company. What it does is that it gives your business/company a distinct personality and launches a distinguished position in the market that appeals to the right people.

With the competitiveness in the digital world, each business has to employ the best possible advertising strategy. Besides, creative advertising techniques remain the communication tools that companies can draw attention, elicit emotions, and alter popular perceptions.

How then can one build a strong brand? By adopting the right technique, you’re bound to get it…

What’s the big deal about digital marketing plan?

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The thought of starting a business is fascinating. But as much as it may sound intriguing, it’s never easy.

The wind of fortunes in entrepreneurship is on its ascendancy, and, therefore, businesses must develop a digital marketing plan.

With the high rate of business failures, especially startups, it’s significant for companies to embrace this whole idea.

This would mean that you’d include aspects like establishing your target audience (buyer persona), business goals, and sufficient value proposition.

What is a Digital Marketing Plan?

Now, a digital marketing plan is a detailed document sharing all the planning for your digital marketing campaigns or actions.

Some of the noticeable…

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